Baby AL Update {26 weeks}

This is officially my last week in the second trimester, that's crazy! This pregnancy really is starting to fly by at this point. 

I went to the doctor yesterday for a check up and she was measuring right on track. He did a quick ultra sound just to take a look at her growth and he indeed confirmed that AL is still a girl =)

Have I mentioned how much I adore my OB/GYN? I switched doctors for this pregnancy for several reasons, one of them being that I wanted to find a smaller, private practice since I was having some issues with the huge hospital based practice that I was previously at. I was also important to me to find a doctor who was on board with my views regarding the type of birth we want and our choice of family planning as well as a doctor who was at least familiar with and open to working with NaPro Technology (<<Click on the link of you're interested in finding out what that is!)

Seriously by the grace of God, I found this amazing guy, just because someone happened to mention him in passing during a conversation, and it has made a huge difference in this pregnancy journey. This guy just gets it, y'all. He is educated in his profession, yet so open minded and actually excited about the things that I desire out of this labor/delivery (something I unfortunately didn't experience with my previous doctor). Nearly every time I go in for a check up, we have a heart to heart conversation and he is one of the most reassuring and uplifting doctors I've ever met. He also, spends 30-40 minutes with me almost every visit answering my questions and just talking about life and forming a relationship with me, which I so appreciate, since he is, after all, the guy who will be bringing AL into the world. He kind of reminds me of what a visit with a midwife would be like, which I love! Every time I leave his office its like a huge sigh of happy relief and I want to cry tears of joy (hormonal much??).

One thing that I appreciate the most, is that he is very laid back and calm and willing to try natural, less aggressive interventions first if I were to have an issue, rather than pulling out the big guns right away. He has been quick to reassure me that no matter what happens, my happiness, and comfort level are very important to him and he even told me yesterday that he just wants to be my hero during labor and then I told him he was already my hero haha

Needless to say, if you couldn't tell, I'm very pleased. So much so, actually, that I've convinced a bunch of my pregnant (and non-pregnant) friends to go to him too.

Ok, end rant....Here is AL at 26 weeks:

There haven't really been any new developments since the last time I updated other than the fact that she is getting more and more active. She moves the most in the evenings and in the middle of the night, which I kind of wish she would reverse but I'm thankful for an active baby regardless. 

On the food and nutrition front, I feel the most like my non-pregnant self that I've felt this entire pregnancy in regards to food aversions, cravings, and getting back to intuitive eating, rather than just survival mode eating. I'm still indulging in treats here and there probably more than I would if I weren't pregnant, but I try to offset those with exercise and veggies. 

I also did a mini gestational diabetes test at my appointment yesterday. Since he didn't consider me to be high risk (again, awesome guy!), my doctor agreed to let me eat real food and test with finger pricks rather than drinking the syrup-like orange drink that is unfortunately chemical filled (and made me sick last pregnancy) and testing with a more involved blood draw. So, I ate 50 grams worth of sugar in the form of orange juice, toast, and bananas....not once, but twice (once at 7:30am and once at 9:30am) and by the time I was sitting in his office, I was so hungover from all of that orange juice that when the nurse went to go do the finger prick test, I told her that I was expecting my blood sugar to probably be around 100 (still normal one hour after eating), and we were both very surprised when 62 popped up! 

I'm very thankful that no issues showed up regarding that test and that I can continue doing what I'm doing. I've been thinking about how that result really motivates me to keep exercising and eating healthy as much as I can! Although a trip to Cold Stone might happen later today, just sayin....

One thing I wasn't expecting? The discomfort that would come with the stretching of the scar from my Appendectomy! At first I thought it was round ligament pain, but it makes more sense that its the scar since the achy feeling is pretty localized to that single spot exactly where the scar is. 

Sleep could be a little more comfortable and less interruptive but I'm getting by. There's only so many positions you can get in when you have a large watermelon attached to your midsection =) Downside is that coffee does noooootttttthhiiinnnggg for me....nada, and 4pm is usually when my afternoon slump happens. 

Here's one more of AL from a different angle plus another little cutie pie who wouldn't open his eyes =)

Have a blessed week!